Holy Cow

What an amazing turn out tonight at the Ranger Ranch. I counted 27 kids tonight at junior tee-ball/rookie ball training. So glad to see so many new faces and returning faces. Tonight was the first day back after the school holidays and i thought the kids would be worn out from school but nope!!! They had heaps of energy. Thanks to Kevin Pool and The Pres Spinner for their help tonight. Thanks parents for bringing the kids out. Make sure parents if you did not fill out the signup sheet tonight that you so next week, returning or new kids. We need a list of every kid each session, thanks. This will be an exciting season, hope you all have a great week and we'll see you all next Wed. The senior team starts training next week so feel free to stick around and watch as its our muster night. So that means any parents looking for a club to join over the winter season, we have one of the best.

Keep Swinging for The Fence.

Coach Moose